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Since its inception, Atlas Développement has worked hard to improve and expand its expertise to offer a complete package of...

Our Testimonials
Ali Redouane
"I'm delighted and honored to be able to provide a personal and on behalf of Chevron a reference for Atlas Development. I can do so in respect of my knowledge on Atlas Development and based on the professional work during the assignment in Algeria. Mr. Ismet Saadi, GM of Atlas…

Ali Redouane

Business Develoment & Projects EMEA - Downstream & Chemicals - CHEVRON CORPORATION
Pascal Dell
"We decided to look again at the Algerian market, a market on which we had a few too few regular customers anyway. This market, which we had neglected too long, seemed to us to have interesting potential, but we did not know how to apprehend it. During the 2nd quarter…

Pascal Dell

Sales Director - STOCKO-CONTACT
Albert Jacob
"... Thank you for your effective support in our mission of searching new partners in Algeria. In this context, your very professional preparation as well as your good knowledge of business in Algeria have allowed us to progress very quickly on our task. Thus, we will strongly recommend your company…

Albert Jacob

Sales Manager - Lindab - Astron SA - Diekirch - Luxembourg
David R. Younker
"...this letter is to express my satisfaction in regards to the support and assistance that [the Consultant] of Atlas Development provided to my company in late 2008 and early 2009 as we underwent a search for potential sites to construct a new manufacturing facility in the vicinity of Oran, Algeria.…

David R. Younker

Vice President of Engineering - GUARDIAN - USA
Hugues Cormier
"The Swedish group Trioplast is the second European manufacturer of polyethylene packing films. In an attempt to look for business partners in Algeria, Trioplast has called for the services of Atlas Développement... In a first mission that took place in Paris from the 07th to the 13th of march 2008,…

Hugues Cormier

Area Director Southern Europe / Africa - TRIOPLAST SA Group - France
Jean Yves Spitz
" During a primary approach of the Algerian market, we had to call upon Atlas Development services. Its mission was to identify prospects most likely to use our products for their own needs or resell them on the local market. Having checked these prospects financial potential, Atlas Development organized two…

Jean Yves Spitz

Sales manager - Proji SA - Châtelet-in-Brie - France
Siets Jan MEIJER
On request of [Atlas Développement], I prepared the following testimonial to attest to the quality of services that were received during below specified visits to Algeria : - Exploratory visit to gauge the availability and quality of logistical services in Algeria, specifically in the Oran region, in the framework of…

Siets Jan MEIJER

Logistics area Manager- LIFT TRANSIT (Offergeld Logistik) - Allemagne
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  • Economic intelligence & due diligence

    Economic intelligence & due diligence

    In Algeria, business and economic information in rather hard to gather and analyze.

  • Greenfield Projects & Acquisitions

    Greenfield Projects & Acquisitions

    Starting a business in Algeria, wether it is trade or industry,

  • Market Entry & Business Development

    Market Entry & Business Development

    As a model mission of our office, providing assistance to companies…

  • Outbound market development

    Outbound market development

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AboutIsmet Saadi

Coming from the world of French large retail distribution in the 90s, where he worked at suppliers in the field of hygiene / beauty products, food supplements and para-pharmacy, Ismet Saadi has forged a solid commercial experience and management of companies, before turning toward the international markets and take an interest in his country of origin, Algeria, at the beginning of the 2000s, thanks to an industrial mission.
Very quickly, he seized the immense need of this country in foreign expertise and in consumer products, on the eve of an infrastructures financing plan by the State of nearly 1,000 billion Dollars spent over the last two decades.
He has since continued to bring his expertise of the Algerian market to hundreds of companies from all horizons and all sizes, including major international banking institutions who trust him in giving support to their high-end clientele in their approach to the Algerian market.
Ismet Saadi is a member of the OSCI (Organization of Specialists in International Trade), a Paris-based organization that brings together the trade experts practices. He is also the delegate of this organization in Algeria.
In addition to trade, Ismet Saadi promotes the industrial co-location and services strategy in Algeria, in a win-win relationship that allows to get closer to the the 100+ million consumers of the Maghreb sub-region and benefit as well from Algeria comparative advantages, including low-cost energy , proximity to the European market, young and trained workforce and its strategic depth on the borders of sub-Saharan Africa.
At last, Ismet Saadi is a staunch supporter of Algeria’s integration into the global market and works tirelessly to encourage Algerian companies to go global, leveraging its network of experts thru hisOSCI colleagues in 130 countries over the world.



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