Propping you up on the Algerian market

Algeria is one of the heavyweights in the African continent, with one of the highest GDP per capita.

This market open to competition generates a GDP of 170 to 220 billion Dollars year after year, drawn by an oil sector (3rd rank in Africa) and gas (first rank in Africa and Mediterranean and 6th world exporter).

The needs in Algeria are very important as many products are not manufactured locally or not enough. For the import items alone, 46 billion incompressible Dollars of all kinds of goods are imported annually, 63% of which are equipment goods and goods destined for the production tool (2017 data).

Trade is therefore an important sector in Algeria, but in recent years, many investment projects are emerging, whether local or in partnership with foreign companies. Bear in mind local regulations imply the foreign partner (s) can not exceed 49% in the share capital , although many companies manage to control the board of directors and the management by way of a shareholders’ agreement.

Trading or investing in Algeria cannot be improvised and requires careful work to observe the market and your competitive environment, to examine local  regulations, identify and approach leads or future partners, and negotiations.

Yesterday’s players are probably no longer those of today and those of today for a lack of resilience, will surely not be those of tomorrow!

Understanding and analysis of your project

A privileged moment for sharing thoughts

By phone, conference call or face-to-face, you present your project and your expectations and we present our activities and services.

We give you, free of charge, when possible, our feeling about what to do and what are the opportunities and the foreseen difficulties.

This is the best way for you to make a preliminary assessment of the feasibility of your project against local regulatory constraints and your competitive environment.

Preparation of the road map

A short document gives an overview of our commitment at your side

In addition to a preamble recounting the genesis of your project, our exchanges and your expectations, this roadmap delivered in a few hours / days, allows to establish clearly the aim of the entrusted mission, its deliverables, cost, deadlines and other conditions , with precision.

Going into action

Carrying out our field know-how

Depending on your expectations and our commitments, we strive to collect the critical information needed for your decision-making, structure and analyze it, and provide you with a quality operational report and prepare you for a local mission with personalized support. , under the best conditions, according to the services you have subscribed to.

We attach great importance to our reputation and we guarantee you the highest due diligence, seriousness and discretion.

Why Us?

What difference do we make

We work in depth. Entering a market is certainly not only a matter of an agenda of meetings, without substance and without depth, out of sync with the dynamics of the market and designed in a blind ivory tower. It is also not a question of digging into a database with random content and whose update is questionable. This is a real grassroots survey from the bottom up, without prejudice, and whose purpose is to identify the main players in your ecosystem by listening to experts and practitioners.

We stay with you until the end of the mission. Our vocation is not to provide you with a schedule of appointments and disappear in the mist. Our goal is to give depth to the data of your ecosystem, by highlighting the volume of activity of each of the players, their positioning, the involvement of the leaders and their ability to make a difference.

No farfetched services like a menu of a soulless restaurant!

We remain focused on our value-added, personalized service by your side by which we raise your awareness of the local economy in the broad sense of the term, to support your negotiations, bringing you a know-how in line with the local business peculiarities.

We guarantee a 95% result! At the end of your mission, you will have a first-rate knowledge of your ecosystem and you will be able to substantially increase your chances of success in this market! We are morally 100% committed at your side, whatever the difficulties. When necessary (in the case of difficult or complex sectors), we apply with your agreement a medium and long-term strategy to capture a market share that meets your expectations.