Ali Redouane

“I’m delighted and honored to be able to provide a personal and on behalf of Chevron a reference for Atlas Development. I can do so in respect of my knowledge on Atlas Development and based on the professional work during the assignment in Algeria.

Mr. Ismet Saadi, GM of Atlas Development, is an exceptionally professional, respectful, mature, dedicated and enthusiastic person. He has high ethical standards and doesn’t compromise on principles.

The results achieved during the assigned mission exceeded all our expectations. The reasoning, justification, ingenuity, thinking out of the box with new ideas and suggestions have been highly impressive, as well as his excellent communication and administrative management by providing professional reports and analytical data.

Atlas Development has embraced our Chevron Way and complied with all our standards and guidelines.

During this Algerian mission, I met not only a valuable partner but also a friend who will remain among my relatives forever. Thank you Ismet…”

Ali Redouane

Business Develoment & Projects EMEA - Downstream & Chemicals - CHEVRON CORPORATION
Pascal Dell

“We decided to look again at the Algerian market, a market on which we had a few too few regular customers anyway.

This market, which we had neglected too long, seemed to us to have interesting potential, but we did not know how to apprehend it.

During the 2nd quarter of 2018, we contacted one of our banks who immediately put us in touch with Atlas Développement. After a single Telco, things went very fast:

– A service offering with market analysis in general and the potential of a targeted industry.

– We have from this list defined a panel of customers to visit in priority, and organized our first tour in record time.

A big thank you to Atlas Development for its knowledge of the Algerian market, its knowledge of the Algerian legislative aspects and its persuasive power of the local interlocutors who sometimes had difficulty understanding our approach and all the interest they could draw from it.

Atlas Développement is also involved beyond its initial prerogatives and seeks to soak up our products to virtually fulfill our role! Again a big thank you!

In addition, its business linking is in both directions, namely to import but also to export. This global approach was particularly appreciated by our various interlocutors.

Atlas Development is a structure that brings a “plus” in our bilateral business.

Thank you for everything!”

[Automated translation]


Pascal Dell

Sales Director - STOCKO-CONTACT
Albert Jacob

“… Thank you for your effective support in our mission of searching new partners in Algeria. In this context, your very professional preparation as well as your good knowledge of business in Algeria have allowed us to progress very quickly on our task. Thus, we will strongly recommend your company to those of our aquaintances that could need a local help on this specific market, still ignored by many European companies… “

Albert Jacob

Sales Manager - Lindab - Astron SA - Diekirch - Luxembourg
David R. Younker

“…this letter is to express my satisfaction in regards to the support and assistance that [the Consultant] of Atlas Development provided to my company in late 2008 and early 2009 as we underwent a search for potential sites to construct a new manufacturing facility in the vicinity of Oran, Algeria. I personnaly travelled to Algeria on three occasions during the time period mentioned above to visit potential sites and meet with local government and utility company officials as well as companies capable of providing us with assistance in qualifying potential sites (surveying and geotechnical investigation). I was accompanied by [the Consultant of Atlas Development] on all three occasions. [This firm’s Consultant] pre-arranged all meetings such that my visits were as efficient and productive as possible and also proved to be very flexible and adaptable when some meetings invariably needed to be rescheduled. I found [Atlas Development’s Consultant] to be very attentive to the needs of my company, professional and discrete in his conduct and a valuable asset to our investigation into this region. I would recommend [Atlas Development’s] services for similar type work in the future and would not hesitate to work with [them] should my company decide to resume activities in the area.”

David R. Younker

Vice President of Engineering - GUARDIAN - USA
Hugues Cormier

“The Swedish group Trioplast is the second European manufacturer of polyethylene packing films. In an attempt to look for business partners in Algeria, Trioplast has called for the services of Atlas Développement…
In a first mission that took place in Paris from the 07th to the 13th of march 2008, we met the Atlas Développement representative in order to schedule together conditions linked to our expectations.
Next, Atlas Développement has provided us before our trip to Algeria with a complete mission that included exhaustive economic information about the Algerian market, a complete schedule of our appointments, a precise description of our trip logistics and finally a full technical sheet of each of our contacts and their financial potential.
Atlas Développement has definitely insured the success of this mission by proposing an exhaustive, relevant and serious list of potential partners. Their good understanding of our needs allowed us to meet the chief persons in charge of this market in less than one week.
Atlas Développement being perfectly suited to this kind of mission, we were effectively assisted during the various talks we had with our potential partners.
The Algerian market remains a “new” market with strong potential but still complex to apprehend. Nonetheless, Atlas Développement knowledge of the algerian economic environment greatly helped us when we had to study and analyze our various appointments.
Thus, choosing our partner has become a rather easy task.
I highly advise all companies wishing to start business in Algeria to structure their strategy and call upon services of companies such as Atlas Développement.


Hugues Cormier

Area Director Southern Europe / Africa - TRIOPLAST SA Group - France
Jean Yves Spitz

” During a primary approach of the Algerian market, we had to call upon Atlas Development services. Its mission was to identify prospects most likely to use our products for their own needs or resell them on the local market. Having checked these prospects financial potential, Atlas Development organized two rounds of meetings with them. Thanks to their experience and professionalism, Atlas Development helped us meet within less than two months the main Algerian companies involved in this specific branch of industry. This company support has been very valuable and helped us manage very smoothly our cultural differences when approaching the business world. Therefore, we recommend Atlas Development to all companies that wish to start up their business in Algeria.”

Jean Yves Spitz

Sales manager - Proji SA - Châtelet-in-Brie - France
Siets Jan MEIJER

On request of [Atlas Développement], I prepared the following testimonial to attest to the quality of services that were received during below specified visits to Algeria :

– Exploratory visit to gauge the availability and quality of logistical services in Algeria, specifically in the Oran region, in the framework of the planned establishment of a float glass manufacturing facility.

– Follow-up on the initial visit – more in depth and directed, after having established various potential construction sites.

– Final exploration and confirmation of study findings.

Due to the complexity of the country and its customs, it was decided to use the services of [Atlas Développement], to execute the above mentioned studies and visits; in order for [this firm] to:

– Understand the scope of the visit, purpose, required data, goals.

– Propose potential meetings with representatives of both government – as well as local private agencies.

– Prepare the agenda for the visits.

– Execute the visit itself together with us.

[Atlas Développement] was not specifically chosen for [its] knowledge of, or involvement with, the logistics sector; but was rather recommended on [its] ability to adapt [itself] to any issue at hand – as well as for [its] flexibility to adjust and include (also propose) meetings on short term notice; even with high level government officials.

These capacities were confirmed to us when, on a very short notice, we asked [this firm] to prepare the first exploratory visit, during which a large number of different ports, logistics agencies and transportation companies were visited and interviewed.

The information that was obtained during this visit was in all aspects pertinent and sufficient.

When fine tuning on subsequent visits, the additional knowledge obtained at that time served to reach accurate final conclusions on costing and organization.

[this firm’s] knowledge of local customs, – culture and language was very valuable – we asked [the Consultant of Atlas Développement] to use his judgment to set the tone and pace of the meetings.

During the course of the visits I was able to learn that, without this support, many mistakes could have been made when addressing the interviewed persons.

[This firm’s Consultant] approaches were correct, cultivated, and respectful. Whilst at some times, when he considered this to be appropriate, he was able to be humble – at other times, if necessary, his approach would be more direct and cutting to the core.

Because of the aforementioned, I do not hesitate to recommend [Atlas Développement] in the fullest for any employment of representation or support of companies that wish to establish themselves in the country of Algeria or that wish to investigate the possibilities of that remarkable country.


Siets Jan MEIJER

Logistics area Manager- LIFT TRANSIT (Offergeld Logistik) - Allemagne