Algeria: Cilas cements Lafarge exports 70,000 tons of clinker to Abidjan

In just three days, Cilas, a Lafarge Group partner, has just exported 70,000 tonnes of clinker (semi-finished cement) to Abidjan in Ivory Coast.

The operation took place at the port of Annaba, at the rate of 35,000 tons per shipment. On Monday, December 24, the Cilas company, located in Biskra, organized a ceremony to celebrate this major operation that coincided with the organization of the second cargo loading operation to the west African country. The event was attended by the Minister of Commerce, Said Djellab, the Minister of the Environment and Renewable Energy, Fatima Zohra Zarouati and the Chairman of the Cilas Supervisory Board, Abdenour Souakri.

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