In partnership with Europeans and Americans: IRIS launches the first Algerian pneumatic complex

It is the first pneumatic complex realized by Algeria in partnership with Europeans but also Americans. With an investment of nearly 200 million dollars, the plant made by the electronics and appliance manufacturer, IRIS, can fully meet the national demand for tires.

After more than 5 years of efforts, the IRIS group announces the launch of its pneumatic complex, the first of its kind in Algeria and the third in Africa.

It is a great project built on an area of ​​5.5 hectares, located in the industrial area of ​​Setif.

As far as production is concerned, a 100% local process has been put in place, with an estimated capacity of 2 million tires forlight vehicles, semi-heavy and commercial tires per year, during the first phase, and will see a considerable increase in production rate reaching 4.5 million tires per year for the second phase.

Dozens of journalists were invited for this purpose last Thursday by the group leaders to attend the inauguration of the complex that uses the latest generation technologies for the manufacture of tire made in Algeria.

The complex is a concentrate of technology to the point of even speaking of “Intelligent Factory”. A highly developed information and management system (MES) and software have been put in place to manage all information flows at a time and to ensure traceability and reliability of data and products.

The plant project brings together several foreign technology partners, namely Germany, Italy, Finland and the United States to benefit from the transfer of technology and know-how.

“Quality and safety are at the heart of our thinking, and we’ve put everything in place, with more than 320 control points for each tire. In the laboratory of research development, tests are carried out daily thanks to a very sophisticated equipment and this in order to provide a tire in conformity with the international standards and completely reassured “, indicates on this subject a statement of the group which notes In addition, IRIS has chosen to invest in a laboratory equipped with the latest technology and equipment and to believe in the ability of young Algerian engineers who every day test the reliability, safety and robustness of tires, but who also work on the research and sustainable development component for future tires of the brand.

To achieve these goals, the laboratory is equipped with a hardware allowing the verification of the conformity of the characteristics of the mixture compared to the standards, by carrying out a whole series of tests on all the batch products (master and final).

“The methods used in the lab are standard methods according to international standards, and the young team that was trained to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills has even been able to work on the development side,” the source added. This huge industrial center has set up test pilots to measure the tire on different types of terrain, the tests also relate to braking efficiency, noise, fuel consumption, wear, resistance to high speed and durability to ensure superior quality at low budget.

In a press conference, group leaders said that IRIS recently passed a successful audit of the quality management system and production compliance.

“This audit allowed us to obtain a certification issued by a European state body,” said a production manager. According to him, the IRIS product is a product made by Algerians by integrating European technology and know-how with global standards. The design is characterized by better comfort, high rolling resistance, better vibration absorption and reduced noise level.
“Quality control accompanies production all along the process, from the choice of raw material to the finished tire performance test,” says the speaker.

It should be noted that this complex, according to IRIS, has created 500 jobs, including 80 executives, 120 supervisors and 300 employees at its start, and a prospect of 1300 jobs planned within a five years.

“This mega-complex is an achievement for the local market that will satisfy the needs of the automotive sector, namely car manufacturers, tire distributors, wholesalers, retailers and the consumer market,” is still explained in a statement distributed to the national press.

In addition, and beyond the local market, part of the production of the complex will be directed to export with a rate of 50% during the next 5 years.

“To fully realize the goal of internationalization, IRIS has drawn up a plan for participation in specialized fairs of worldwide scope. Indeed, IRIS has already taken part in the AUTOMECHANIKA fair in Dubai last June, and is currently preparing for its presence at the CITEXPO SHANGAI in August and Sema Show Las Vegas USA in November, “adds the announcement announcing that for next year the brand has already confirmed its presence at the world’s largest event of the tire business, namely The Tire to be held in Cologne, Germany.

“In terms of positioning, the IRIS tire is a Premium tire that perfectly combines the best quality / price ratio on the market. It has now been available for several days in several regions of the country and the feedback is very positive, “the statement said.


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