Faderco launches the construction of a cellulose wadding production unit

This contract, ratified by the leaders of the two groups, Algerian and Swedish, concerns the purchase of a fiber-based cellulose wadding production line. International standard equipment with cumulative production capacity between production sites of 60,000 tons / year.

Initiated with an investment of more than 40 million euros, the site will eventually produce 30,000 tons per year in addition to the 30,000 already produced in Sétif, this project provides raw material as well as stock reels for different markets. Algeria and abroad as well as all national processors. This new partnership will enable the Algerian leader to achieve a 100% integration rate and will allow significant growth in the production of finished products. More than 150 jobs will be created as early as the launch phase.

Speaking at the contract signing ceremony, Faderco Spa Group CEO Amor Habes announced that this 4th production unit will start production in 18 months. Through this project we want to make the wilaya of Sétif an industrial center of excellence for paper and Cellulose “. Especially since the group is a partner with “a world leader in the paper industry,” he added.

A production line of diapers for adults by the end of 2019

Hygienic diapers for adults are scarce on the Algerian market after the restriction of imports of this product. According to the CEO of Faderco, his group is preparing a production line that will be dedicated to “adult diapers with a panties format”.

The market represents “a capacity of about 80 million units per year, while there are two domestic producers producing only 20 million units / year, the rest being covered by imports,” he concluded.

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