Equipment of the Bellara Steel Complex – Duro Felguera honors its commitments

The equipment and handling project for the Bellara steel complex is progressing well. The Spanish group Duro Felguera has just completed the transfer of an unloader to the port of Djendjen. A second unloading gantry will be installed in the coming weeks.
Entrusted to the Spanish group Duro Felguera, the equipment of the iron and steel complex of Bellara is being finalized. The Spanish side announces that it has successfully transferred a new ship unloader to the port of Djendjen.
The unloader, which measures nearly 60 meters high and weighs over 1,400 tons, was transported from Poland fully assembled. It took almost two hours of maneuvering for it to be installed in its final location of the port of Djendjen. The unloader will be connected to a storage system consisting of a treadmill circuit, two stacker-sorting machines and a train loading building.
The Spanish group is in the process of setting up another iron storage system near the iron and steel complex developed by Algerian Qatari Steel (AQS) in Bellara. Both systems will be connected by rail. This system will enable steel mills to supply 3.5 million tonnes per year of iron ore pellets.
In 2016, Duro Felguera won a contract valued at $ 109 million for the equipment and bulk handling solutions of the new Bellara steel plant.
The Spanish group will eventually deliver the turnkey project covering the parts related to engineering, procurement, manufacturing, construction and commissioning of the equipment needed for bulk handling.
The contract covers the installation of the port terminals at the port of Djendjen, for the reception of 3.5 million tonnes of iron ore per year, as well as equipment for the storage of the granules before being sent to the factory. A major structuring project, the Bellara steel complex allows the creation of 3,000 jobs. It also enables the manufacture of flat steel and special steels intended, among others, for the rail industry in Algeria.
The production capacity of the steel complex will initially reach 2 million tonnes of steel per year before being increased to 5 million tonnes.
The industrial project, estimated at $ 2 billion, aims to reduce Algerian steel imports whose annual bill is close to $ 10 billion. This is not the only project that Duro Felguera is carrying in Algeria. Its Energy division is building a 1,250-megawatt combined-cycle power plant at Djelfa.

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