Towards the creation of the first automobile manufacturing plant, engines and superstructures in Algeria

Present in Algeria for nearly twenty years, EMIN Auto, representing Chinese vehicle brands JAC, JMC, Chana and Korean SsangYong, is about to build the first automobile manufacturing plant, engines and superstructures in Algeria. All steps leading the way towards this goal have been achieved, except for one.

It is the approval of the CNI (National Investment Council), which will release the energies to achieve the remaining 20% ​​of work remaining and will give shape to the car production plant which is based and located in Tamazoura, in the wilaya of Ain Temouchent, not far from the capital of the wilaya of Oran.

Mr. Nihat Sahsuvaroglu, General Manager of EMIN AUTO, personally accompanied a large delegation of journalists on the huge platform that already hosts the metal structures that will constitute the structure of the private plant. 2.7 billion dinars were allocated to building materials to facilitate the process and logistical needs of this plant.

It is recalled that 2.7 billion dinars are planned for the production, assembly, stamping and painting line. Part of this heavy equipment is cleared. “All the structures are on the site while waiting for the installation of the structures.” Said M Sahsuvaroglu following a visit to a bonded park on the huge 330,000 m2 site.

Nihat said the engines to be produced at the Tamazoura sie will be adaptable to the needs of the navy. “In addition to the intrinsic needs of the automotive world and vehicles, we will strive to meet the needs of the market,” he said.

This future factory, which already has a test track (18,000 m2) for vehicles, will be the exact replica of that which exists in China, said the same official.

The production rate of this plant will increase. Thus, for example, the production targets for the JMC range are of the order of 20,000 units for the first year, 30,000 units for the second year, 40,000 units for the third year, 45,000 units for the fourth year and 50,000 units for the fifth year. That is a cumulative total of 185,000 units.

The proponents of the project already benefit from the favorable opinion of the technical evaluation committee of the Ministry of Industry and Mines and that of the national investment development agency ANDI.

They are waiting for the agreement of the CNI for the completion of the work and the start of production at the plant. It should be noted that the Chinese Government undertook, through correspondence sent in April 2018 by its Ambassador in Algeria to the former minister, to carry out a major industrial project.

According to this letter, JAC Motors and its long-standing partner in Algeria EMIN AUTO, have committed to a car factory as well as another for the production of engines.

[Automated translation]