The first Nissan vehicle assembled in Algeria will come out the factory in early 2020

The Nissan assembly plant project in Algeria is moving ahead. According to our sources, three industrial sites, two in Oran and one in Ain Temouchent, are currently under study, to accommodate the factory of the Japanese brand.

“The choice of the plant site will be known at the end of January. We are evaluating three sites. The first, which is the priority of the Hasnaoui group and its partner Nissan, is located in Tafraoui, near the one chosen to host the Peugeot plant in Oran. The second site under study is located in El Kerma, still in Oran, not far from the site where the Peugeot plant was originally to be located. The land belongs to the Hasnaoui group. The third site is located in Ain Temouchent “, said to TSA a close source.

In addition to choosing the site, the Hasnaoui group and its Nissan partner should finalize the list of models, which will be assembled, in the future Algerian factory of the Japanese automobile giant. And according to our sources, the first vehicle of the Japanese brand that will come out of its Algerian plant in early 2020 is the new Pickup Navara.

The Hasnaoui group, which was the importer of the Japanese brand before the suspension of imports in 2016, got the green light from the government last December to set up a Nissan assembly plant in Algeria. The plant, with a capacity of 63,500 vehicles, will require an investment of $ 100 million, according to a source close to the management of the private group.



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