The algerian market
Algeria is a large and young country with 48% of the population in their twenties. It is important to note that the number one priority of the government policy currently consists in building up large university campuses and training centers so as to provide local and international companies with high-skilled staff. Further more, the country’s macroeconomics have recently shown remarkable stability and trade has become safe. This has led to the signature in 2002 of a partnership deal with the European Union. As regards to labor cost, social taxes in Algeria account for approximately 35% of wages. On the other hand, Algeria is a big energy producer thanks to its huge oil and gas stocks, which allows a very profitable energy cost. In addition, the algerian government is promoting foreign investments by exempting companies from taxes and social contributions for a period that can last up to10 years and guaranteeing free currency transfers whatever the profits carried out (dividends, royalties) and the investments operated are. In this attractive economical environment, our company, ATLAS Development has focused its activity on helping foreign companies investing and starting their business in Algeria. We help prospect the Algerian market in a very safe way so as to develop durably and effectively industry and trading. ATLAS Development : Helping you achieve your goals
Analyzing your project
ATLAS Development stress a lot on this specific step : it has to be simple, precise and direct and consists of :
  • Evaluating the market, thanks to a macroeconomic approach while correctly identifying the competing environment in which your products or services are growing.
  • Ensuring a good position for your products or services by analyzing consumers both trends and responses.
  • Examining what laws is your project submitted to and if you can apply for specific and particular fiscal and social advantages.
  • Planing the strategy to face the Algerian market
Designing your project
In order to shape your project, ATLAS Development carries out the following actions:
  • Doing Market research and seeking local partners if necessary.
  • Compiling economic and financial documents in order to apply for specific assistance or approvals.
  • Gathering the documentation to obtain financing that best suits your project.
Going into action
All our skills and all our means are at your hand, in order to help you realize your project. Indeed, you can rely on us, as far as the following tasks are concerned :
  • arrying out all procedures pertaining to legal aspects of your company set up.
  • following up registration for banking assistance.
  • choosing the place to establish your company and helping you with all the procedures your installation requires.
  • working out the recruiting process and your sales network.
  • monitoring your whole organization and deliver regular reports about it.

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